When the competitors all go out on the same road and fight,
nothing is so stupid as to fight in it the same way.



We don’t cast people simply because they are talented and promising.
The artist should be a person of strong will who does not neglect personal growth
and must be in line with the firm’s vision/philosophy.
We discover such person from various fields at domestic and foreign,
and plans/manages the artists before/after they have influence with continuous directing
based on anthropology/sociology and systematic training through our own management system.

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By thoroughly analyzing the personal media performance data of the artists,
we select and set up platforms and channels that are optimized for the artists,
and plan/produce/supply digital contents in positions that maximize the artists’ characters.
If the quantitative and sincere evaluation determines that the artist has sufficient capabilities that the firm needs,
we make artists to diversify their revenue by giving them more diversified personal content sales business opportunities
and the qualification to participate in the firm’s communication projects.

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We use New Media Power as a modern tool for achieving productive goals and correcting disorder,
which is proven with artists in various fields/platforms, and contents spread through them.
Based on this, we provide and implement advice and guidance on countermeasures and how to break down the case,
which we have analyzed, predicted, and devised to help clients gain an edge in their interests and achieve benefits and goals.

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